Target groups

We have an established reputation for our work with disadvantaged young people. Our activities are aimed at young people across Europe without jobs and threatened by social exclusion. Many of our participants are early school leavers. They now mostly attend courses over a period of one year, in order to take their final school examination, or as a preparation for unskilled employment or vocational training. They often live in multicultural environments and come from immigrant families.

Young people with learning difficulties who attended a special school also belong to our target group.

IKAB Bildungswerk e.V. is a recognised continuing education provider in North Rhine-Westphalia and is funded by national resources. For this reason we recruit the German participants mainly from this region.

In some seminars we take a gender-specific approach and host them exclusively for young women or men. Naturally, depending on the topic, our mixed projects also incorporate gender-specific group work, even though it will be limited to certain elements of the project.

Young people in vocational training or employment can also take advantage of our seminars to gain closer knowledge and a more immediate experience of Europe.

Our training courses target full-time or voluntary youth and social workers, who already have gained experience in intercultural work or who are training for the specific aspects of European youth work.