We organise and co-ordinate a variety of intercultural exchange projects:

Franco-German exchange projects

In close co-operation with our institutional partner INFA, and supported by the Franco-German Youth Office, we host multinational youth seminars. Participants are recruited via our contacts to educational institutions, firms, vocational schools, youth centres, etc.

The first youth encounter takes place in Bonn and lasts six days. Usually, it is followed half a year later by a second exchange in France and sometimes by a third one in another country. Depending on the host country IKAB-Bildungswerk, INFA Europe or the co-ordinator of the third country assumes overall responsibility for organisational and educational matters.

Twice a year, co-operation meetings with representatives of these organisations take place alternately in Germany and France. Apart from exchanging information and discussing educational practice, these meetings are used to prepare the programmes and to match partners with each other. Exhaustive interviews are held with the participating youth leaders in order to facilitate the preparation of the individual seminars and to fine-tune both the participants' profiles and the goals of such seminars.

Once a year we offer further training for our partners, which promotes awareness for transnational intercultural educational questions.

If you are interested in Franco-German exchange projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Franco-German training for the acquisition of key competencies

Our Franco-German exchange projects with young people in programmes for professional orientation or in inter-company vocational training provide a very good framework for the systematic promotion of competences. That led us to develop a training concept over the last years in which the participants and the group leaders systematically evaluate the learning process. Due to the integrative embedding of the seminars in the daily work of our French and German partners, sustainable results are achieved regarding training capabilities and employability.

European multilateral youth encounters

In the framework of the EU programme Youth in Action (previously "YOUTH") we offer seminar projects, which last 8 days. Young people come together from Germany as well as from at least three other nations that are funded by the programme. Usually this is a one-time event here in Bonn.

We pass on the project application to the JUGEND für Europa - German Agency for the EU programme Youth in Action and see to funding, implementation and organisation. The involved partners can thus concentrate fully on the content of the seminar. A few weeks before the encounter takes place a preparatory meeting is held at the venue to fine-tune our goals with our educational staff. Afterwards, the youth leaders and their group members prepare themselves at home for the seminar and for the meeting with the other participants. We have partner organisations in nearly all European states and are always looking forward to finding new ones.

Training courses for multipliers in international youth work

In order to convey the content of the EU programme Youth in Action we offer training courses in German or English to full-time, part-time and voluntary youth workers coming from all participating programme countries. Participants deal with the concept of intercultural learning in terms of theory and practice, set up initial contacts with prospective partners in other countries and are instructed as to how they should develop and implement their own project ideas. Our training programmes focus on the educational goal to consider particularly the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in these projects.

In general, we announce these initiatives via the National Agencies, and for German participants via JUGEND für Europa - German Agency for the EU programme Youth in Action. If you are interested in the training courses, you can also obtain further details directly at the IKAB.